Xi'an ancient city wall


The city wall of Xian is an extension of the old Tang Dynasty structure, as a result of this wall building campaign. It was extended in the Ming Dynasty, stands 12 meters high. It is 12-14 meters across the top, 15-18 meters thick at the bottom and 13.7 km in length with a deep moat surrounding it. The city wall in Xi'an today is the best-preserved and the most complete one in China, which has been the symbol of this ancient city.
The city wall of Xian was first built of earth, rammed layer upon layer. The base layer was made of earth, quicklime, and glutinous rice extract, tempered together. It made the wall extremely strong and firm. Later, the wall was totally coated with bricks. On top of the wall, there is a brick water passage through every 40-60 meters. They are used for drainage. There is a rampart every 120 meters, which extends out from the main wall. A watch tower is located on each of the four corners of the wall.
Today, a circular park has been built in between the high wall and the deep moat, all around the city. The thriving trees and flowers, the rockeries in the park, and the buildings of classical Chinese architecture, together with the city wall, make Xian al the more beautiful.